• VM7800B


Heating Monitoring Systems
Model : VM7800B

Temperature monitoring of a heat treatment system

The heat treatment system is also one of the most important technical systems in many industries and is regulated and controlled by industrial automation system. Various I/O fieldbus modules are required for individual temperature control and optimal heat distribution in ovens and chambers. To record temperatures, analog inputs are required for connecting temperature sensors available on the market.


The heat treatment temperature is to be measured and recorded via a temperature sensor. Different types of sensors with different characteristics should be recorded.


Thanks to Accutherm Heating Monitoring Systems, the universally analog input module VM7800, with upto 48 analog input channels, which can be configured individually, the values from a wide variety of temperature sensors can be recorded accurate and on time.


 VM 7800B

No. of points

36912 points

Measuring cycles


Input signal


Resistance bulbPt 100JPt 100

DC Voltage-10 to +10mV,0 to 20mV,0 to 50mV-200 to +200mV,-1 to +1V,-10 to +10V,0 to 5V

DC current4-20mA (External shunt resistance)

Indication accuracy

±(0.1%+1digit) of input range


5.7inch TFTQVGA

Display contents

•Trend display (in vertical and horizontal direction)

•Event summary display (alarm and message summary)

•Historical trend display

•Bar graph (refresh cycle: 1 second)

•Digital display (refresh cycle: 1 second)

Internal memory

About 100MB

Recording medium

SD card (Max 2GB) SDHC card (Max 32GB)

Data save cycles

Related to Trend display cycles

Alarm Output

Number of points; 1 (open collector)

Number of Alarm settings

Up to 4 alarms for each channel are settable


Ethernet 10BASE-T (HTTP server, FTP server, and Modbus/TCP protocol)

Power supply voltage

100-240 V AC50/60 Hz

Power consumption

15VA Max.at 100V AC, 25VA Max.at 240V AC

Mounting Method






Operation environment

0-50°C, 20-80RH

  • Easy Operation through 5.7" Touch Panel
  • Universal input up to 48 channels
  • Ethernet function as standard
  • SD/SDHC storage interface Max. 32G
  • IP65: Dust- Proof, Water- Proof(Panel)
  • PC software as standard
  • Option: Wireless function, Alarm(Line, SMS, Email)

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