• Healthcase:  The healthcare industry is one of the largest in the world with demanding temperature regulations and guidelines. A thorough understanding of these regulations, combined with an advanced range of IoT enabled wireless temperature monitoring and data logging solutions, makes ACCUTHERM uniquely qualified to advise and assist the following healthcare industry sectors to achieve compliance and safeguard reputations.
  • HVAC:  HVAC systems control the ambient environment through the correct temperature, humidity, air flow and air filtering.  Based on the principles of thermodynamics, fluid mechanics and heat transfer, these systems including Temperature Monitoring System are used commercially in offices, shopping centres and data centres – anywhere that could be affected by thermal comfort.  The design of many building types such as large industrial and office buildings, IT data centres, manufacturing facilities rely on these systems to achieve the best environmental conditions for people, equipment or products.
  • Laboratories:   Laboratories with centralized purification systems and clinical-grade water, municipal drinking water systems and industrial sludge treatment, where tests are usually done on samples and specimens in order to gain information about the status of the product, leading to diagnosis, treatment, and/or prevention of disease.  From running tests in a managed environment to storing perishable goods, temperature remote monitoring and logging is, in many cases, as critical as lab results.  Walking into a lab and finding that a temperature controlled storage unit such as a refrigerator or freezer has failed overnight and put precious samples, specimens, tissues, or products must surely be a lab managers worst nightmare.
  • Pharmaceutical Industry:  Whether it’s a storage facility, transport system or taking on a new range of products within the pharmacy industry, it is advisable that a risk analysis is carried out to highlight areas that may be prone to failures in regulations. At every point in the manufacturing process, precautions should be taken to minimize any effect that external conditions may have on the quality and stability of the product. It is a requirement that records provide reliable and up-to-date evidence of such compliance. In the case of audits and investigations from the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) and other stakeholders. In the Pharmaceutical industry, maintaining a chamber, room or warehouse at a specific temperature and/or humidity range may sound relatively simple, but ensuring that the level stays within the required thresholds at all times and, moreover recording this information, can be time consuming. If data is recorded manually then it is also vulnerable to human error. In order to eliminate the risk of error and overall time taken, then installing a static Monitoring System that will alert if conditions change outside of the parameters is the most suitable approach. A monitoring system will create reports based on the real-time conditions and displays alarms that may have occurred. A system that aids compliance with the regulations set by the MHRA will also bring much needed peace of mind.
  • Other Industry:  There are plenty of other industries where Accutherm can help. Within the automotive industry for example, paint booths need to operate at set temperature and relative humidity levels for the paint to flash, cure and be ready for re-coating. Out-of-range measurements can cause slower curing times or affect the quality of the finish, both resulting in increased labour input.  In other manufacturing processes such as newspaper printing, Accutherm’s wireless temperature and humidity wireless temperature monitoring systems have been installed in large print facilities and used to reduce waste in the paper store resulting in a financial saving.  Several industrial composting plants have also installed wireless temperature monitoring in their processing sheds to ensure the bacterial breakdown of waste products happens as quickly and efficiently as possible. Green waste collected by local authorities is then redistributed as compost for horticultural and garden businesses.  Nearly every business has a requirement for temperature and humidity measurement at some point in its operation. The Accutherm range includes hand held instruments for manual data collection and wireless temperature monitoring systems for those wishing to automate taking measurements thereby reducing labour times and the risk of human error.

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