Mechanical Thermostat and Thermal Protector

The standard product range includes temperature switches for temperature protection. Thereby, our products are distinguished by a high and precise switching performance. A long service life and narrow tolerances, as well as precise hysteresis are a guarantee for the functional reliability.  Our small form factors and various design forms, guarantee the universal installation capability into the customer components. The product portfolio includes a wide range of temperature and current ratings for various functional requirements.  The customer-specific solutions include the implementation of projects during which we support our customers in terms of technical development. Here our focus is on sensor technology for temperature and motion for e-mobility, conventional automotive industry and many other applications.

thermal switch (9)

Accutherm® products cover a wide range of thermal management solutions. All can be customized to help you cut production costs while improving performance and safety. The compact dimension is easily designed in your particular application.

Bimetal Thermostat (6)

Since 1981, Accutherm has been focus in the design, innovation and manufacture of temperature sensors and controls. Our bimetal thermostats provide temperature control, overheating protection, and unique configurations for many applications covering a wide array of industries.

In-cabinet control (4)

In practice, the climatic conditions for electrical and electronic installations are not always ideal. In order to minimize the resulting risks and to optimize the operating conditions in plants, Accutherm provides a wide range of temperature and humidity control systems that protect electrics and electronics from moisture, cold or heat.

Capillary thermostat (6)

Accutherm's capillary Thermostats are designed for maximum flexibility: Whether in the household or medical field, in heating technology or industrial plants - thermostats and safety temperature limiters from E.G.O. control the temperature reliably and accurately.
They can be customized in many parameters and are truly all-round performers for all applications.

Thermal fuse (6)

MICROTEMP®, the original thermal fuse from Therm-O-Disc, offers the broadest combination of globally certificated temperatures and electrical loads, as well as the broadest range of packages, mountings and design configurations on the market today.