Data Logger

A data logger is, quite simply, an electronic device that stores data. The data logger has become a revolutionary perfect solution for logging data and is nowadays represented by a wide range of devices, from small one to quite complex data logging systems. Accutherm’s data logger products are digital processor-controlled storage devices that capture and record measurement data over time using built-in or external sensors. The data logged reflects different parameters of sound, temperature, humidity, light, gas, air, voltage, current, shock, vibration, force, water quality, ... obtained through contact or non contact measurement with a data logger. 


This data logger can measure up to minus 80 degrees Celsius (-80 degrees Celsius), making it suitable for use in cold storage boxes and deep freezers containing freezing, cold logistics and dry ice.


Panel Mounted Data Logger using SD card to save data


The process of data importing is done via IP67
USB slot and does not require opening the
housing, disassembling the logger, or stopping
the measuring process.
The logger can be set to the following modes:
• rainfall and temperature
• wind speed and wind direction

Visio datalogger

The Logger is equipped with LCD screen for live
display of following information:
 current wind speed
 current wind direction
 maximum and minimum wind speed
 current temperature

GSM Datalogger

GSM/GPRS Data Logger RADIO is a universal device
used for accurate and cost-effective measurement

Advance datalogger

The logger can be set to the following modes:
· rainfall, wind speed and direction and
· 2 x wind speed and wind direction and

Low power consumption datalogger

Universal, low power consumption data logger with multiple inputs. Wide range of measurement recordings include 4 configurable inputs (0-3V, 0-10V, 4-20mA, pulse) and additional SDI-12 port. The device enables individual configuration of logging and GPRS transmission intervals. All settings are made with intuitive, PC or web-based software.