• PT3000 Pressure Transmitter

PT3000 Pressure Transmitter

The extent of automation in both mobile and stationary applications is increasing dramatically. As the efficient management of machines and systems becomes more and more dependent on integral electronic controls, there will be an increasing demand for sensors and transmitters.
Model : PT3000

Model PT3000R is an electronic pressure transmitter achieving high-reliability and stability through the adoption of a silicon piezoresistive sensor. It applies to various pressure processes for small lightweight structure. Moreover, it corresponds to a wide range measurement range.


Measurement Fluid:

Liquids and gases not corroding

stainless steels (SUS316)

Measuring Ranges: 0 ~ 10kPaG to 0 ~ 20MPaG

-100 ~ 0kPaG to

-100 ~ 200kPaG

0 ~ 100kPaA to

0 ~ 5MPaA

Over Pressure Limits: 150% of measuring range

Negative Pressure Limits: 1kPaA

Power Supply: 24VDC±2VCD

Transmission Type: 2-wire transmission type

Output: 4 ~ 20mADC

Load Resistance: Max.600Ω, at 24VDC

Temperature Range :

Compensating Temperature Range;

-10 ~ 50°C

Operating Temperature Range;

-30 ~ 80°C

Operating Humidity Range : 5 ~ 95%RH



Accuracy: ± 0.25% of span

Temperature Effect (Typical):

Zero Effect; ± 0.015% of span/ °C

For 0 ~ 10kPaG ±0.02% of span/°C

Span Effect; ± 0.015% of span/ °C

Long-term Stability: ± 0.2% of span in one year

Response Time: within 1ms (time constant)

Mounting Position Effect: Maximum 150Pa

Resolition: 10-4 (±0.01% of span)

Insulation Resistance: 100MΩ at 50VDC

Power Consumption: About 0.5W

Vibration Effect (Operating Range):

PT3011R (Connector Type);

25 ~ 2000Hz, 98m/s2

PT3012R (Cable Type);

25 ~ 2000Hz, 98m/s2

PT3013R (Terminal Box Type);

25 ~ 2000Hz, 49m/s2

  • High performance and quantity reliability.

          High performance and quantity reliability were realized by adopting a silicon piezoresistive sensor. The high-level pressure control by high resolution (10-4) and the outstanding response (Within 1msec) is possible.

  • Wide applications

           A wide range pressure range and variegated connection structure make the transmitter to be used in wide instrumentation applications.

  • Lightweight and compact

          Lightweight and compact structure is easy handling in order not to have restriction in an installation site and mounting position.

  1. Compressor Testing Equipment
  2. HVAC
  3. Semiconductor Equipment