• Electric thermostat 3 Pole

Electric thermostat 3 Pole

3 phase AC application
Model : T3P 16 A-400 V

Adjustable or fix setting automatic reset. Contacts on request "ST" or "DT". Temperature on request from 0°C to +400°C. Versions on request with copper or stainless steel bulb and capillary, with PVC coated or sleeve for high temperatures. Stuffing boxes on request 3/8" NPT, 1/4" NPT, M10, M9.


A rise in temperature causes the expansion of liquid within the bulb and capillary. The liquid acts on a  bellows assembly within the plastic housing to open and close electrical contacts with temperature variation.

Temp. Range:-35℃~400℃

Capillary Length:500~2000mm (Standard 1000mm)

Contact:SPST or DPST

Electric Rate:AC 400V 16A


  • Factory pre-set fixed temperature, OEM or end-user adjustable temperature
  • User detectable intermediate ECO temperature shaft position directly on the thermostat
  • Independent non self resetting safety
  • Guarantee of safety operation : failsafe capillary
  • Double pole single throw (DPST)

  1. Water Heating
  2. Renewable Energy
  3. Industrial
  4. HVAC

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