Multi sensor_OEM available

Accutherm’s unique all-in-one sensor monitors vital industrial and farm conditions such as temperature and soil moisture 24/7. With IoT function, our sensor feeds all information directly to your dashboard through traditional cable or wireless network, so whether you own a large farm or a small warehouse, keeping track of your environment and plant health has never been easier.

Besides monitoring, Accutherm's Multisensor provides control module that can assist administrators to take automation action with the aid of sensing the condition of fields.

Ultrasonic Wind Speed and direction Sensor

The ultrasonic wind sensor has been designed for constant use in harsh weather conditions. The corrosion resistant anodized aluminum housing and no moving parts design, make the sensor ideal for long-term measurements with no maintenance required. Good performance in high winds as well as short response time to slight air movements provides accurate wind speed and direction measurements.

RS485-4 in 1 Sensor_Temp./Humidity/CO2/LUX