Temperature Controller

Temperature controllers are used to maintain a constant temperature (the target) in furnaces and other equipment. Generally, they include a measured input indicator and a setpoint controller. They generate a control signal according to the difference between the indicated value (measured input) and target value, and adjust the temperature to match the target.
To measure the temperature, engineers can connect a variety of sensors such as thermocouples or RTDs. To adjust the temperature, the temperature controller can send relay output, current output (4–20 mA DC), or other kinds of output to the control element (such as a heater or valve). Temperature controllers can also be used in non-temperature applications such as flow or pressure, and such devices are called indicating controllers.

Adjustable Electric water heater controller

The EAT500 series of adjustable, automatic reset thermostats is designed to meet the high electrical capacity requirements of electric water heaters. Its design uses a temperature sensitive NTC to provide long dependable control life at electric loads up to 30 amps at 250VAC. The EAT500 can be supplied in combination with our AT500PM manual reset limit as an industry standard electric water heater temperature control/limit.

Remote Water Heater Controller

WH002R, Wifi Boiler Temperature Sensor, brings your electric or gas water heater out of the basement and into the palm of your hand to heat water only when you need it.


Easy-to-use, basic temperature controller with analog dial setting


Panel Mounting Digital Thermostat


Economical.Convenient.Fast Sampling Cycle
High Accuracy Temperature Control


Compact, User-friendly, with a high reliable temperature controller

EC5500R / 5300R

Easy Operation with Front Dial Extra-Large Digital Display


Easy Operation with Front Dial
The mass program of a maximum of 400 steps
2ch independent control (EC5950R)


Thermal Shock Controller with HMI Display