Smart Sensors create an opportunity to read measurement properties to predict failure, monitor levels, and increase efficiencies to create a smart factory. Accurate measurements in harsh environments and conditions expand the reach of sensors to various types of equipment and processes. From miniaturized sensors with multiple digital output signals to wireless sensor technologies, Accutherm offers various solutions to enable Industry 4.0 and the Industrial Internet of things (IIoT).

Pressure (1)

Accutherm has been providing solution for electronic pressure transmitters with more than four decades. The superior performance of the new technology enabled exponential market expansion. Accutherm continues, the digital evolution with the enhancement of our Accusensor family to deliver best in class pressure measurement solutions to our esteemed customers.

Multi sensor_OEM available (2)

Accutherm uses cutting edge technology to integrate multiple sensors into one device in order to meet different requests and install in challenging field.

Temperature (10)

Use AccuSensor® by Accutherm Temperature Monitoring Solutions—with Standard, High, Low, Duct, and Digital Temperature Sensors—anywhere changes will degrade performance, assets, or safety. If temps rise or fall, get an alert via email, text, or call to step in and protect your business.

Humidity (2)

Accutherm humidity sensors guarantee fault-free operation for years, even in critical applications. Our sensors feature excellent long-term stability with high accuracy, freedom from maintenance and high precision.

Water (9)

The Advanced Water Quality Sensor provides unparalleled capabilities for an exceptional price. It can be used to measure Dissolved Oxygen, Temperature, Conductivity, and pH both individually and simultaneously. With its included optical dissolved oxygen probe and built-in barometric pressure sensor, this multipurpose sensor is a turn-key solution for obtaining accurate water quality data.

Gas (5)

The detectors in the Accutherm Gas line for industrial applications are used to monitor technical environments and areas that may be at risk of combustible and toxic gas leaks:

Illuminance (1)

Accutherm illuminance sensors are all-weather sensors having customized detector sensitivities for either indoor low light level or outdoors high light level applications. The built-in interference filter in conjunction with the detectors spectral response reproduces the CIE photopic curve and gives a calibrated output in lux (lx). Our sensors can be found in many professional applications to control or monitor industrial processes.