• Temperature and humidity sensor

Temperature and humidity sensor

Model : SDI-12

The temperature and humidity probe is to use with the ACCUSENSOR measurement systems. It is equipped with a cable with a RS485 plug fitting to these devices. As temperature sensor a precise NTC is used. Furthermore, the humidity measurement works with a long-term-stability capacitive polymer sensor. The current measured values are transmitted by the USB or RS232 interface to the connected PC. The recording and graphic evaluation is made on the PC. The MODBUS protocol of data communication is documented and allows integration into own softwares. The measuring probe is delivered calibrated. As accessories, reference cells are available. Therefore the accuracy of the probe can be checked by the user.

Humidity measuring range: 0-100%

RHHumidity accuracy: ±2% RH at 23 °C

Humidity resolution: 0.01%

RHTemperature measuring range: -40...+80 °C

Resolution: 0.01 °C

Accuracy: ±0.3 °C (0...+40 °C)

Tube length: 100 mm

Tube diameter: 12 mm

Tube material: rust and acid resistant Stainless Steel

Protective filter: PE-sintered filter 25 µm, Ø 12 x 30 mm

Cable length: 3000 mm

Operating current: 30 mA

Connection: RS485-connection

EMC-compatibility: EN 61326-1: 2013 (2014/30/EU)

Environmental data: RoHS and REACH compliant

  • Eliminates self-heating from your measurements
  • Stable long-term temperature and humidity
  • Excellent value with easy re-calibration and traceability features
  • Lightning protection for ultimate reliability of air-temperature measurement

  1. Monitoring of warehouses, greenhouses
  2. Food industry
  3. Quality assurance
  4. Humidity and temperature measurement in buildings
  5. Air conditioning, meteorology
  6. Humidity measuring systems for customer specific projects

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