• Soil moisture sensor

Soil moisture sensor

Soil moisture sensor
Model : AICON7240000

A high-precision, high-reliability, fast soil moisture and temperature measurement sensor that is not significantly affected by soil texture.

When it comes to precision irrigation, knowing the soil moisture in your fields is crucial for optimal irrigation scheduling. That's why we offer the world's most advanced and accurate soil moisture sensors which can be seamlessly integrated with smart irrigation system with a brain.

ACCUIOT allows you to easily monitor, analyze and control irrigation and fertigation via your mobile. These field sensors, powered by ACCUSENSOR, generate accurate real-time, in-field data, in one closed-loop, about how much water is available and alert you when you need to water your crops – saving water and resources while optimizing yields.

Usage: Humidity Sensor

Theory: Resistance Sensor

Output: Digital Sensor

Moisture Range: 0~24%

Moisture Accuracy: 3% FSD

Temp. Range: -30 ~ 70°C

Temp. Accuracy: 0.5°C (0~70°C)

Probe Length: < 65mm

Probe Diameter: 3mm

Communication: RS485 (Modbus-Rtu)

Measure Range: 30mm(L)*30mm(W)*70mm(H)

Working Temp.: -30 ~ 85°C

Voltage: DC 6~24V

  • Cost-effectiveness and reliability
  • Rugged design and weather-proof
  • Easy installation. Easy integration.
  • Adaptable to all soil and soilless media types
  • Unaffected by salinity with no need for site calibration
  • Accurate monitoring with access to real-time data via ACCUIOT digital farming solution


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