thermal switch

Bimetallic thermal switches basically fall into two broad categories: 1) creep action devices with slow make/slow break switching action; and 2) snap action devices with quick make/quick break switching action.


Creep action devices are excellent in either a temperature control application or as a high limit control.  They have a narrow temperature differential between the opening and closing temperatures and generally have more rapid cycling characteristics than snap action devices.


Snap action devices are most often used for temperature limiting applications as their fairly wide differential between opening and closing temperature provides slower cycling characteristics.  We have been able to control the amount of differential in many of our snap action controls, that enables them to be used for temperature control applications, especially in dual voltage applications.

Model AT100

Thermal protector
Thermal switch
Bimetallic thermostat
Bimetal Thermostat

Model FC-M1D

Valstat Series™, ultra small snap-action thermal controls with drawn metal housing.

Model J

Snap action thermal protection with exceptional versatility. For use on 120/240/277 VAC loads. Various bimetallic elements available.

Model ST01

Designed as an economical solution, especially for motor, transformer, and lighting applications up to 5 amps 250 VAC. The round, low-profile design fits neatly into small spaces.

Model V

Snap action thermal protector in ultra-small plastic case. Low internal resistance. Beveled edges fits neatly between battery cells in rechargeable packs.

Model AA2

Creep action thermostat with highest contact rating in the A Series. Available with or without gold diffused contacts. Multiple application uses.

Model B

Creep action thermostat/ thermal protector with shunt-type bimetal design for a higher contact rating.

Model C&R

Creep action thermostat/thermal protector with exceptionally low internal resistance. Available with or without gold plated contacts.
Multiple application uses.

Model N&NR

Creep action thermal protectors with exceptionally low internal resistance.