In-cabinet control

Modern thermal management for control cabinet infrastructure

The control of modern production processes is inconceivable without high-performance components in the control cabinet. Many of these electronic components must be protected against heat, cold, dust, and dirt to achieve permanent and reliable functionality. A well thought-out thermal management system regulates the temperature inside the control cabinet and protects against further interfering influences.

PTC Heater

Typhoon 60

60mm axial fan PTC heating element, with cage clamp connection

RTBSM Single Bimetal Thermostat

DIN rail mount bimetal thermostat, NC or NO version.

EHT Electronic Hygrostat

DIN rail mount electrical / electronic hygrostat. Senses
the relative humidity. The unit is set to operate in NO -
Dehumidifying mode, adjustable in 5%RH increments.