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Model : ASN LAN CU

An ASN wireless communication system was designed to operate in rough communication environment. An ASN network comprised the following components: up to 18,000 parking sensors, up to 30 routers (Hubs) and a single CU. Routers could be added to increase the network range. The ASN CU can be connected to the Host using USB, LAN Port or Cellular network.

Several networks can be operated in parallel separated by distance of a few Km between routers (hubs) and parking sensors that share the same communication channel. Range between router (hub) and parking sensors is 50~100m in busy parking lot and can extend a few hundred meter or more by using routers.


Parking sensor Surface mount

Radio Frequency

433.050Mhz~434.790Mhz, 922.36Mhz to 924.8Mhz

Operating RF Channel

CH1~CH3, 3 Channels

TX Power

Below 10mW,

Band Width

8.5Khz (-3db)

RX sensitivity


Baud Rate

1152000 bps

Operating power

5 Volts DC

Power consumption

500mA, TX: 28mA, RX: 40mA,

RF coverage (Sensor to Router)

Line of site up to 200 meters

Serial Interface



1X6 2,54mm pitch pin header

Serial port property

Baud rate: 300bps~230,400bps, Data bits: 5,6,7,8 bits, Parity: None, Even ,odd, Mark, Space Stop bit: 1, 1.5,2

Network interface

10Base-T/100Base-TX Ethernet(RJ45), Ethernet speed auto sense, 1;1 or Cross-over cable auto sense


TCP, UDP, IP, ICMP, ARP, Ethernet, Telnet, TFTP, DHCP, PPPoE, DNS

Communication mode

TCP server(T2S), TCP Client(COD), TCP server/client with AT command(ATC), UDP mode(UTS)


Wall mounted


Out building: Use white box supports IP-67

Operating temperature


Storage temperature


Power supply

Standard power network, 5VDC, 1A of power adaptor

  • System Components

Parking sensors up to 18,000 parking sensors in a single network

Routers (Hubs) up to 30 hubs in a single network; each uses a different channel. 30 of routers could be used to increase the communication distance between the router (Hub) and the CU.

CU a single communication unite that handles the communication between the host and the network. Our middleware can support several CUs same time.

  • System Architecture

The ASN wireless parking system supports event triggered messages for car parking status.

Parking sensors are registered to a specific router (Hub). The Host controls the registration process and can attach or detach parking sensors as required as well as configure the parking sensors to send the event data in random intervals.

  • Capacity

A single ASN wireless network supports up to 18,000 parking sensors. Larger number of parking sensors requires deployment of several networks. A large number of parking sensors also requires advanced middleware software to handle the messages between the application and the ASN system.

  • Frequencies

ASN wireless parking system uses the ISM frequency bands; in most cases the 433 MHz band and 922.36Mhz ~ 924.8Mhz.

  • Data Transmission

An ASN system can receive and transmit message of 64 bytes and more. Even maximum is 64 byte but can transmit big data by splitting it.

  • Range

In optimal conditions and standard antenna the range of ASN parking sensors and routers (Hubs) in parking lot is up to 100m and more. However Range will be shortening by 50m in bad environment or when parking lot is full.

  1. Pharmaceutical 
  2. Food
  3. Heat Treatment
  4. Electornics
  5. Chemical 

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